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Which champagne to choose for Christmas?

champagne noel

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s high time to start thinking about the menu and the right bottles that will accompany New Year’s Eve. Champagne never ceases to sublimate the aperitif. At the time of the festive meal, it also plays the role of host of choice. Let’s go for a subtly sparkling Christmas Eve.

The perfect guest
as an aperitif

Served as an aperitif, champagne has the formidable advantage of launching the festivities with brilliance and flamboyance. It can be enjoyed in many different ways, on its own in a simple, sleek version in a pretty champagne flute, or at the heart of cocktails to give them a masterful twist.

In their “natural” version, Brut or Extra Brut champagnes are increasingly favoured as aperitifs, their aromas are unanimously appreciated and they go well with a large number of small appetisers.

fete de noel avec champagne

Opt for the classic "Brut" or
create a surprise...

While champagne is traditionally made from a blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, other champagnes can surprise guests, such as Blanc de blancs made exclusively from chardonnay, a white grape, or Blancs de Noir made from black grapes (pinot noir or pinot meunier). More exclusive, they express themselves divinely on exceptional dishes such as foie gras.

A meal under the sign of champagne

Some prefer to stick to a classic meal where red and white wine are traditionally served to accompany the famous chestnut turkey.

Others prefer to stick with champagne throughout the dinner, and it is true that beautiful seafood platters with iodine notes are particularly tasty when accompanied by a Millesime champagne or a Blanc de Blanc with lemon aromas. A Blanc de noirs develops more powerful aromas that accompany more robust and characterful dishes, recipes based on mushrooms such as truffles or morels.

With the dessert
we can serve...

Demi-sec champagnes! Particularly smooth in the mouth, these champagnes have a higher sugar content than a Brut champagne for example. Exotic flan, fresh fruit sabayon, shortbread, fruit tart, they easily accompany desserts without feeling to heavy in the mouth.

Rosé champagne has also been very fashionable in recent years, and for good reason, its intense aromas of red fruit make it even more perfect with red fruit-based desserts. Ricotta with red fruits, strawberry and raspberry soup, there is happiness in everything pink!

Each bottle of champagne has exceptional potential, but let’s take care to accompany it as well as possible during the end-of-year celebrations so that each pairing is perfectly sculpted. A balancing act that is also open to creativity. Let’s not forget that champagne is also a bubble of freedom that should not be imprisoned in dictates.

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