Demi Sec Champagne

Demi-sec champagne is made in the same way as a Brut or Extra Brut champagne, but it differs in its sugar content: between 32 and 50 grams, compared to less than 12 grams for a Brut. It reveals notes of honey and toast and is very sweet in the mouth with fruity aromas. A champagne that has become less fashionable in recent years, but which deserves to be rediscovered.

The story of dosage

The champagnes can be divided into two categories:

The sugar dosage is done just after the disgorging stage, which consists in extracting the deposit in the neck of the bottle. To balance the wine, a mixture of cane sugar and old wine is added, which is called the dosage or liqueur de expédition. It is this that will define the type of champagne that we wish to obtain, from the most dosed in sugar to the least dosed.

Guest for dessert

To fully appreciate all the sophistication of a Demi-sec champagne, it is recommended to taste it with the dessert. Indeed, unlike the Brut champagne which is perfect as an aperitif, especially with oysters, the Demi-sec champagne is more suited to pastries to which it will bring richness and depth. A crème brûlée, a red fruit soup, a summer fruit tart, Demi-sec champagne makes them even more sublime. It can also be served with a sweet and sour dish such as a goat cheese and fig tart or sliced poultry with fresh pineapple. As for cheeses, it can do great things with marbled cheeses such as Fourme d’Ambert.

How is it served?

It should be served between 7° and 9°. It is better to serve it too cold than too hot, otherwise its flavours will be too sweet. It can be drunk in a classic flute or a tasting glass. It should be placed in the bottom of the refrigerator 3 to 4 hours before serving, or in an ice bucket filled with ice and water.

A little bit of history

Demi-sec champagne was very fashionable in the 18th century. It must be said that at the time, champagne was served at dessert or tea time and was therefore accompanied by sweet treats. For several years now, champagne has been appreciated as an aperitif, but the sweetness of Demi-sec champagne does not go well with salty notes, and even less with iodised products such as oysters. However, the Demi-sec tends to return to our tables, simply because a dessert is never as tasty as with this champagne.

How to choose a demi-sec champagne?

Like all other categories of champagne, Demi-sec champagne can be made from pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay. It can be broken down into a Millesime, fruit of a single year of harvest considered as exceptional. It can also be offered with all the vivacity of youth, the balance of maturity or the complexity of fullness.

Demi-sec champagne is definitely a champagne to be rediscovered, especially with desserts where its sparkle and suppleness in the mouth make your taste buds swing!


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