Extra Brut Champagne

What is an Extra brut champagne?

More and more appreciated by champagne lovers, the Extra Brut or Brut Nature is on the rise. It is characterised by its very low sugar content and claims to have more straightforward and direct aromas as close as possible to the original juice.

Champagne Brut, Extra brut, Brut nature, how do you know which one to choose?

It’s all a question of the amount of sugar per litre. The Brut champagne contains between 6 and 12 grams of sugar per litre, the Extra brut champagne contains from 0 to 6 grams and the Brut nature also called zero dosage between 0 and 3 grams. By way of comparison, a dry champagne considered to be rather sweet contains between 17 and 32 grams. We are therefore clearly in the family of champagnes with a very low sugar content. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular with champagne lovers.

What dishes should be used to enhance it?

Extra brut champagne, with very little sugar, is perfect as an aperitif and offers a truly unparalleled tasting experience, as close as possible to the raw product. It goes divinely with an excellent salmon, revealing its delicately smoked notes. With its clean and pure aromas, it also goes well with sashimi, oysters and seafood in general. It can also be served as an aperitif on a cheese platter, especially when paired with a simple fresh goat’s cheese, which is a little marvel in the mouth.

And can it be served with dessert?

Let’s be honest, this type of champagne is not very sweet and does not go well with desserts of any kind. It is better to choose the more mellow Demi-Sec champagnes capable of responding to a red fruit nage or a raspberry sabayon, or even a Brut Blanc de Blancs full of freshness and sparkle.

How to serve an Extra brut ?

Like all the champagnes offered as aperitifs, Extra Brut Champagne appreciates a temperature of between 6° and 9°. Gradually, it will warm up in the flutes to reach 8° to 12°. It should be chilled in the bottom of the refrigerator before tasting or placed in a champagne bucket filled with water and ice cubes. This connoisseur’s wine is best enjoyed in traditional champagne flutes, but its beautiful crystal purity can also be enjoyed in a large wine glass.


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