Brut Champagne

What is a Brut champagne?

Brut champagne is the most consumed type of champagne in the world. It is also the guarantor of the style and image of each champagne maison, which must be successful over time.

Can a brut champagne be vintage?

Remember that a vintage champagne is produced from a single harvest that is considered exceptional. In addition to this requirement, more than 3 years spent resting in the champagne cellars. For example, 2002 was a great year for champagne wines. A Brut Millesime – as opposed to an undated Brut – is in fact the meeting of a house style and an exceptional year.

Champagne as an excellent aperitif

During a meal with champagne, it is recommended to go from the least dosed to the most dosed, from the least powerful to the most powerful. Logically, a Brut champagne is best served as an aperitif. Aromatic but not very typical, it goes well with many small dishes and is also very popular. Serve it well chilled (between 6° and 9°), ideally in flutes or balloon glasses. The cuts tend to let the bouquet escape in all directions and without nuance. Serve, for example, small assortments of slices of cured ham, cheese gougères, Basque ewe’s cheese toast and black cherry jam. The Brut also goes perfectly with all seafood, especially oysters. As you can see, Brut Champagne is very easy to match.

Don’t hesitate to ask your wine merchant for advice on your preferences. Before tasting it, remember to place the bottle of champagne in the bottom of the refrigerator to 4 hours before serving. Cheers!


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