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Choose the right champagne for your wedding!

Blanc de Blancs champagne bursting with freshness to sublimate the reception wine, an exceptional Millesime served throughout the meal, a Demi-sec champagne for dessert, the golden bubbles of the champagne divinely accompany celebrations and in particular that of the “most beautiful day of our lives”! Find out how to choose the perfect champagne for your big day.


You have chosen a champagne reception for your guests. This is a great idea to create a festive and chic atmosphere. But this bias requires some rules to be respected so that each champagne moment is as perfect as possible.

Let’s start with the reception. On average, you should organise to have one bottle of champagne for 4 people. You should know that one bottle contains 6 flutes of 12.5 cl and that you should count an average of 2 flutes per person, this is to help you organise the number of bottles to order. There are many options for the reception, but the wisest is to offer a Brut champagne.

Quite consensual, it will be an asset to please everyone and to accompany the mini savoury canapés without altering the taste. Blanc de Blancs champagne is also an excellent and slightly more daring choice. Its aromas full of freshness and minerality never fail to surprise and add a touch of sophistication to the tasting.

100% sparkling

The wedding meal accompanied by champagne is becoming more and more popular. Its broad aromatic palette allows for the discovery of superb and complex food and wine pairings. For the dinner, plan on wine and champagne as not everyone appreciates bubbles, some guests prefer to accompany their tasting with a glass of white or red wine.

For dessert, we will see that it is more appropriate to move on to a more fruity champagne. In the meantime, you can choose a Blanc de Blancs to match perfectly with white meat or fish in sauce. A Millesime (from an exceptional year) also has an excellent impact on exceptional dishes (oysters, truffles, foie gras). A more aromatic Blanc de Noirs will be a devilishly good match for a meat with a stronger taste.

Sweeter flavours
for dessert

Dessert is approaching and with it the promise of other surprising combinations. But before the sweet touch, there is the cheese. Soft and bloomy rind cheeses are the most pleasant in the mouth with a Brut champagne. Beware of blue-veined cheese such as Roquefort, the champagne does not pay tribute to their typical notes. Champagne also has a lot to offer when it comes to sweetness.

Rosé champagne , for example, is perfect with red fruit-based desserts. A Demi-sec with a higher sugar content goes well with all desserts, except perhaps chocolate, which is more likely to be expressed best with an old Millesime. A Blanc de blancs is perfect with almond-based desserts or to accompany a wedding cake.

Know that there is no best champagne, there are champagnes with very different personalities, it is up to you to make the right choice and find the matches you like to make this moment even more unforgettable.

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