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How to open a bottle of champagne?

ouvrir bouteille champagne

While some dare to open the bottle of champagne without trembling, others try to open it gently, sometimes at the risk of losing the promising “pop”.

At the same time, let’s be clear, the explosion of the champagne cork is becoming more and more rare, discretion obliges! But how do you open a bottle of champagne? How to control the pressure without putting it (the pressure) on yourself? Answer here.

Pop the cork,
another era!

In the 18th century it was very common to pop the champagne cork with an explosive noise. Over time, the tradition has changed, simply because champagne has found itself at the heart of official ceremonies and it was frankly not in good taste to pop the cork in the middle of the guests or towards any of the interior design of the room.

Although less festive, the option without the “pop” is also recommended, especially to avoid wasting a considerable amount of wine. Too shaken or too hot, the champagne sprays out at 40 kilometres an hour and spills onto the table before it can reach the flutes. What a shame!

ouverture bouteille champagne

So, should we opt for
a soft opening?

Yes, it is better. This little noise that some call the erotic smile of champagne is made in a whisper, an explosion of elegance and restraint.

It is also the best way to preserve the effervescent and sensory qualities of the champagne, which is not denatured by an unannounced expulsion.

open with skill

How to open a bottle of
champagne with skill

Opening a bottle of champagne requires some skill, but with practice, the technique becomes child’s play:

First, make sure the empty flutes are lined up, on the Table. Also have a clean towel ready in case the bottle is a little slippery. Take the bottle, tilt it slightly. Untwist the loop of the wire (the small metal wire) around the cork. Remove the muselet and the paper cover together, while avoiding pointing the bottle at a guest. Keep your thumb on the cap. Grasp the body of the bottle with a steady hand, then turn the bottle (not the cork) while being careful not to let go of the cork. Just twist the cork very slightly to get it out of the neck. Little by little, the latter will release and emit a small sigh of contentment.

Well done! You have mastered the pressure! Then simply serve the champagne in the flutes, holding the bottle by the bottom, with the label facing your guests.

And why not
break open a bottle of champagne and perform sabrage?

You don’t have to be Napoleon or have won a battle to break open a champagne bottle. This can be done by anyone, there is no exception. To do this, you need a sword. However, please be very careful, the gesture is not harmless and it may be advisable to bring gloves and a mask.

Remove the cap from the cork, making sure to keep the metal part that holds the stopper. Hold the bottle at an angle (between 30° and 45°) with your left hand (right for left-handed people) in a safe direction. Place the blade, preferably a little heavy, on the bottle. Slide the blade from the middle of the bottle towards the cork, at the level of its seam. The access to the neck must be direct because it is by coming to strike it that the sword makes it jump and with it the cork and the muselet. And there you have it, champagne opened with a sword in the rules of art! It is also possible to break open the champagne with a large knife, but be careful and stay away from the guests.

A not so complicated technique, that you can practise if you are interested in the park of the Domaine des champagnes Canard-Duchêne in Ludes. It’s your turn to break open a bottle!

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