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Vineyards, actions and teams committed to Nature

Maison Canard-Duchêne has always nurtured a special relationship with its terroir. It is located between vineyards and forests, in Ludes, on an estate planted with cedars, maritime pines and giant sequoias over a hundred years old. We’ve been rooted in nature for 150 years, and we defend it with fervor!

The actions of the Maison Canard-Duchêne...

In addition to its partnership with Reforest’Action, Canard-Duchêne is committed to CSR and, in particular, to protecting the environment.
Canard-Duchêne’s aim is to limit its impact and protect the local flora and fauna. As lovers of our terroir, we adapt our way of working on a daily basis:

– Actions for our vines: the House has adopted the “Viticulture Durable en Champagne” (VDC) approach, with 100% of its vines certified by 2020! An agroforestry project has also been adopted on the Verneuil ZE181 organic plot to encourage biodiversity and limit the vine’s sensitivity to climatic, environmental and pest disturbances.

– Recycling approach: the House revalues the waste associated with champagne production. It has set up a deposit system to reduce packaging, with specific containers for glass and cardboard.

More responsible purchasing and production: for Canard-Duchêne, it’s essential to support a responsible purchasing policy that, over time, will result in a smaller ecological or climatic footprint. The company favors suppliers with an eco-friendly approach, as well as companies producing in France or Europe, in order to promote the local economy. In addition, the House is gradually replacing supplies made from fossil fuels with FSC or bio-sourced materials.

Preservation of natural resources: our washing and rinsing equipment has been equipped with water recycling systems for 20 years. Our own wastewater treatment plant cleans 100% of effluents, with daily checks by our analysis laboratory.
Energy conservation: our electricity consumption has fallen by 25% thanks to optimized and assiduous monitoring since 2005. Hot water for the winery is generated by recovering calories from the cooling units.

Enhancing biodiversity: because our flora and fauna are the keys to the quality of champagnes, five beehives have been installed on the grounds of the Domaine. Insects, and bees in particular, play an essential role in the ecosystem, helping to pollinate 80% of flowering and cultivated plant species. On a global scale, the economic value of this activity is estimated at 153 billion euros by INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research). Discover our exceptional honey from the Montagne de Reims!

A major challenge: preserving forests

The French company Reforest’Action’s mission is to strengthen biodiversity and works locally to create, preserve and restore forests worldwide. The forest ecosystem is the world’s most significant carbon sink. Forests, therefore, represent a major challenge in the face of global warming. It has already begun to have an impact on vineyards, forcing winemakers to adapt their winemaking methods. For example, many producers are beginning to stop using malolactic fermentation to maintain their cuvées’ freshness. At the end of 2021, we shared with you an Ode to Nature in which we confided our motivation and ambition for our first reforestation project.

It was a great success, and the initial target of 20,000 trees planted was met and even exceeded!

Quite naturally, the Maison Canard-Duchêne wished to continue this action, close to its heart, by setting itself a new target of 40,000 trees for 2023.

→ Discover our collaboration with Reforest’Action on the Épernay forest in video format :

…are reflected in our cuvées!

When you take care of your terroir, there’s no secret: Nature returns the favor. That’s where the magic of congruence of actions and values lies: it’s reflected in our cuvées, which you’ll enjoy tasting!

– The Reforest’Action cuvée – A witness to our commitment to reforestation, this bottle gives meaning to our actions by raising awareness of environmental issues while promoting our terroir.

The organic cuvée P181 – Canard-Duchêne exists for 15 years! “P181 is a unique champagne, a true hymn to Nature. It will surprise you with its elegance, freshness and balance.” Laurent Fédou, Cellar Master.

As reaffirmed by our Managing Director Jérôme Durand : “We obviously still have a long way to go, and all our teams are committed to this long-term, sincere and progressive environmental approach.”

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