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Brut Réserve Reforest’Action: a 100% committed cuvée


Since 1868, the preservation of the ecosystem has been an important topic for the Champagne House Canard-Duchêne. Beyond certifications and labels, we are committed.
Our main challenge is to return to basics and keep only the best for the planet and our cuvées!


The House does its part...

We mentioned our objectives and wishes in our commitment with the French company Reforest’Action in our Ode to Nature at the end of 2021. Its main objective is to preserve, restore, and create forests all over the world in order to protect our future.

Canard-Duchêne, in a collaboration since 2021, aimed to plant 20,000 trees in 2022.
Our goal has far exceeded our expectations, with 24,700 trees planted to date! We chose a variety of species, such as sessile oaks, cherry trees, and pear trees, to increase diversity on 18 hectares of neglected forest near Épernay, south-west of Ludes. These thousands of trees represent numerous advantages in the pursuit of a more sustainable way of life.

The regional restoration of forest plots has a significant impact.
The data are available in real time on the Reforest’Action website.

...And renews its commitment for 2022

Canard-Duchêne commits to tree plantations in order to maintain its oenological heritage. The results have been so convincing and visible that the company has renewed its commitment for next year.
As a result of this success, we will be able to continue to contribute to the building by protecting and restoring additional parcels. Valuing and preserving our regional heritage is a priority, given that forests contain more than 80% of biodiversity! Animals can live and nest in trees, sow seeds, and pollinate the flowers that produce fruit.
Champagne’s history in the Reims region is a gentle blend of heritage, hints of novelty, and relationships with nature.
As a result of our desire for continuous improvement and a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, we are always striving to improve our processes, from harvesting to marketing.


Nature's Hymn

The promise is consistent with the Brut Réserve Reforest’Action cuvée. Embracing and simply enjoying a sincere invitation to abandon oneself to the celebration of the present moment is then possible.
With a blend of 45 percent Pinot Noir, 30 percent Chardonnay, and 25 percent Meunier, we transport you to the heart of our Champagne vineyards. Your gaze will be drawn to a lovely straw gold color. You will undoubtedly discern delicate toasted and fruity notes on the nose. Finally, the aromas of fresh and juicy fruits like the mirabelle plum will delight your palate.
We invite you to immerse yourself completely in this wine! Enjoy an augmented reality experience by scanning the QR code on the label. To transport you to our Domaine in Ludes, the “Birds” soundtrack is guaranteed to be 100 percent local, recorded entirely within our vineyards. Set out on a lovely spring morning to be tested on the spot!
Find even more information on the Brut Réserve Reforest’Action cuvée here !

And discover the freshness of our champagne in the House’s sparkling news on Facebook and Instagram.

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