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The House and sustainable development

La maison Canard Duchêne s'engage dans le développement durable

For many years, our House has been committed to sustainable development. This environmental concern was reinforced with the arrival of Laurent Fédou as Cellar Master in 2003. “For me, it was about awareness, a desire to make our sites and our production more environmentally friendly.” Every day, we strive to implement ever more conscious principles to protect nature and its riches for the benefit of one product: champagne.

La maison Canard Duchêne s'engage dans le développement durable


In the early 2000s, the champagne industry identified four major issues around which to base its response to the emerging environmental challenges. It was absolutely necessary to anticipate, and the industry was aware of this.

The first challenge was to control inputs and their potential effects on health and the environment. By inputs, we mean the various products used on the land and crops, such as fertiliser.

The second issue revolved around the preservation and enhancement of terroir, biodiversity and landscapes – an essential part of preserving the soul of the Champagne region.

The responsible management of water, effluents, by-products and waste is essential as well. Today, it is hard to imagine throwing away without recycling ! “We have set up systems to save water with meters, to clean water with our own wastewater treatment plant and to recycle production waste.

The final issue is the desire of the industry to reduce its energy dependence and carbon footprint. We are tackling these four issues with an ethical and responsible approach.


The Viticulture Durable en Champagne (VDC) sustainability certification scheme was conceived in 2001. It was initiated by the profession itself, which issued an ambitious reference framework. The certification comprises some 140 requirements, ranging from the obligation for the winegrower to undergo regular training in sustainable viticulture, to the choice of a vine protection product with the best environmental profile. At Canard-Duchêne, 100% of our vineyards are already VDC certified and our winegrowing partners tend to be as well. The Champagne region aims to be 100% certified by 2030.


The Canard-Duchêne teams had already imposed these requirements on themselves. In 2009, the House launched its first organic cuvée, later renamed P181. To find out more, see the article “Organic champagne, committed bubbles”.

La maison Canard Duchêne s'engage dans le développement durable


Our estate is located in the heart of the vineyards and the Montagne de Reims in the small village of Ludes. The integration of the historic production site of the House in 2013 preceded the inscription of the Champagne region on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016. This testifies to our commitment to our heritage and to the preservation of the landscapes of the region. This responsible and sustainable approach is reflected in every decision we make, from the use of 100% recyclable cases for the Charles VII cuvée to the introduction of a lighter bottle to reduce our carbon footprint during transport.

“ Today, our commitment is sincere, progressive and imperfect. Like the whole industry, we are taking action. Many projects are underway within the House. Let’s keep a watchful eye on each other’s actions in terms of commitment. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow ! ”

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