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Champagne production

Champagne Canard-Duchêne, automne

10.11.22 Knowledge

The vine falls asleep

Everything you need to know about the vine maintenance during winter season.



Harvest 2022 in Champagne



Focus on the job of the Cellar Master

13.09.21 Knowledge

The 2021 harvest

Traditionnellement, les vendanges débutent à la fin du mois d’août ou courant septembre selon la maturité du raisin, et durent en général trois…

La maison Canard Duchêne s'engage dans le développement durable

17.06.21 Knowledge

The House and sustainable development

For many years, our House has been committed to sustainable development. This environmental concern was reinforced with the arrival of Laurent Fédou as…

01.06.21 Advices / Knowledge

How are champagne bubbles formed?

They are the very symbol of champagne, these small, fine, sparkling bubbles, but how do these bubbles appear? What are the phenomena behind…


01.06.21 Advices / Knowledge

What is the alcohol content of champagne?

In an alcohol-based drink, the alcohol content is expressed in two ways, either in degrees or in percentages. Champagne has an average alcohol…

01.06.21 Knowledge

What is champagne stirring?

The champagne stirring is this ancestral gesture which consists in turning the bottles and to raise them gradually to bring the deposit in…

31.05.21 Knowledge

Everything you need to know about the champagne-making process!

Developed by clergymen in the 17th century, the production of champagne has evolved over time but the original principles have changed little.


31.05.21 Knowledge

Everything you need to know about champagne dosage!

The final and essential step in the elaboration of champagne, the dosage is the moment when a tiny quantity of liqueur is added…


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