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Festive meal: what to eat with champagne?


While champagne evokes a prestigious image, it also knows how to free itself from this status in order to allow it to be incarnated at the heart of some truly gourmet recipes. It’s typical aromas are indeed capable of dividing from one another when they take shape in sweet or salty recipes.

This festive and refined “twist” works wonders, especially in festive times when the finest raw materials only aspire to be sublimated by the aristocratic notes of champagne. Aristo, but not a snob! Champagne also knows how to liven up rustic snails or a plate of fresh fruit.

So, what should you eat with champagne? Immerse yourself in our most beautiful recipes!



When the land meets the sea, the flavours are explosive. Indeed, champagne likes seafood and fish, making it good for it.

Take oysters for example, simply poached in a mixture of Charles VII Blanc de blancs champagne, grey shallots and pepper, then baked in the oven with a touch of crème fraîche, they rival each other in delicacy. It is the same with fish or scallops: a creamy and lemony sauce will gain even more in gourmet seduction with a few centilitres of a lively and fusing Blanc de blancs.

What to eat with champagne?

Salmon of course! There is no better way to “upgrade” salmon than to accompany it with a champagne sauce: a few mushrooms, shallots, steaks sprinkled with champagne, cooking in a hot oven for 15 minutes. You then strain the cooking juices through a strainer before adding a touch of crème fraîche. All that’s left to do is coat it.


A Brut champagne reveals all its complexity in sauces that have been worked to perfection. A truffled and poached capon with the Canard Duchêne Brut Vintage and calf sweetbreads deglazed with champagne, the associations are numerous.

Even risotto has a touch of sex appeal: sweat a few onions with a little oil, add a shower of rice and wait for about 2 minutes for it to give a pearly sheen, sprinkle with 15 cl of champagne, moisten with the vegetable stock and finish with a few drops of champagne. This is a risotto that takes on a whole new dimension.

Snails are also becoming more and more gourmet. In a frying pan, melt chopped shallots, crushed garlic and lard. Sprinkle with thyme and bay leaf, add the snails, then simmer for 10 minutes before sprinkling with champagne.



Subtle and delicate, Rosé champagne goes very well with sweet recipes. The most “purist” is the famous Rosé champagne sorbet to be enjoyed with fresh fruit.

Bring a mixture of water, sugar and honey to the boil, add a bottle of Canard Duchêne Brut Rosé champagne. When the mixture is cold, strain it through the ice cream maker. Serve chilled with a nice selection of seasonal fruits.


Another winning combination, chocolate truffles and Rosé champagne. A beautiful meeting between the natural red fruit notes of champagne and the bitterness of full-bodied chocolate. A few centilitres added to the ganache and that’s it.


Let’s not forget the famous champagne sabayon, a classic in French gastronomy. This recipe (egg, sugar, champagne, fresh fruit) is a pure marvel of simplicity but what a delight.

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