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Which champagne to choose for the aperitif?

champagne aperitif

Champagne has no equal when it comes to giving the aperitif a special touch. It is sparkling and elegant when served simply chilled and on its own in a beautiful flute. Champagne as an aperitif? An absolute must!

An aperitif 100% champagne

There is nothing easier than a champagne aperitif, just select the right bottles and serve them at the right temperature. And there is no need to wait for the New Year to treat yourself to this delicate moment, the champagne aperitif has become a great classic that whets the appetite of your guests.

Which champagne to choose for a perfectly balanced aperitif?

A fresh and lively Brut or Extra Brut champagne is perfect for the aperitif. Some will prefer a mineral Blanc de Blancs or a Blanc de Noirs with more powerful aromas. They are best served in flutes or large wine glasses designed for tasting.

Let’s not forget the Rosé champagne which is wonderful as an aperitif with its notes of red fruits and its beautiful vivacity. The ideal serving temperature is 6° to 8°. As it warms up slowly, the champagne will reach 8° to 12°, which is just perfect for optimal tasting.

What to serve as an aperitif with champagne?

It’s all in the art of tasting! A champagne aperitif is perfect when accompanied by a multitude of small, delicate but richly flavoured tapas. Simple and classic recipes that have proven themselves.

Foie gras, for example, goes divinely with champagne. Serve it with fig jam or green apple slices. Also consider salmon toast with whipped sour cream and sprinkled with chives. The gougères with comté cheese are very easy to make, as are parmesan cheese crackers, because let’s not forget that champagne goes very well with cheese. A freshly cut fish tartar with olive oil and coarse salt can also enhance a champagne aperitif.

Remember to place the bottle of champagne in the bucket between each serving, place a towel over it to ensure the champagne is served without dripping. Remember to add water to the ice in the bucket beforehand, as this will “drive” the freshness evenly into the bottle.

All that remains is to wish you an excellent tasting!

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