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A limited edition Trilogy


In order to enhance the local heritage, the Maison Canard-Duchêne is committed to highlighting once again the magnificent biodiversity of the Montagne de Reims Natural Park.

In order to weave more and more links with nature, we wish to give it  back its rights and the honor it  deserves.

A triptych edition to collect

If the grape varieties of the Champagne region are so specific, it is thanks to its flourishing biodiversity.

Thus, our Maison wished to pay tribute to the biodiversity of its region, rooted between vineyards and forests, by imagining a limited edition of three bottles that highlight a 100% natural triad.

The collection is adorned with different labels and collars on each of the bottles, in the colors of local bird species that live near our forests:

–  The Yellowhammer : With its bright colors, it generally remains faithful to its place of residence all its life. A gregarious bird who lives in flocks in open areas.

–  The Barn Swallow : Graceful and agile, it is known for “announcing spring” since it arrives and nests on our territory at the end of winter. Its delicate plumage is blue-toned.

–  The Bullfinch : It is a discreet and shy bird, who quickly leaves to take refuge under the vegetation cover at the slightest alarm. The male has a shimmering pinkish red abdomen he highlights during its courtship!

These three singular species are currently in decline in France. They live on the edge of forests and vegetation such as copses, hedgerows, meadows, orchards, hedges and marshes, but also in parks and gardens.

Over-intensive agriculture has impacted their numbers in recent years, hence the Domaine’s desire to produce in correlation with nature and to enhance the value of wooded areas.

For the pleasure of hearing them sing at the entrance of the forest of Ludes, the Maison Canard-Duchêne adorns its limited edition Brut Réserve Trilogy with their shimmering colors.

The forest at the heart of life

The Domaine Canard-Duchêne is rooted in Ludes, at the foot of the Montagne de Reims. In order to develop in harmony with nature, we are increasingly committed every day to give meaning to our actions.

By taking a new look at our environment, we can grasp all its magic and beauty.

As admirers of nature, we wish to do our part by raising awareness of biodiversity issues.

So, its preservation passes obviously by the protection and the valorization of the forest, essential to the natural life. Here are some significant figures:

–  80% of the biodiversity is sheltered in forests.

–  Forests are the 1st terrestrial carbon sink

–  Forests provide for the needs of 25% of the world’s population

The will of Canard-Duchêne is to always be as close as possible to its fabulous terroir.

The company wished to make its contribution by committing itself to the forests alongside Reforest’Action. Thus, we promised to plant more than 20 000 trees in France in 2021 in order to raise awareness of the benefits of forests. As the result was more than achieved, we have renewed our commitment to the environment for 2022!

A sustainable approach

As part of our continuous improvement process, we want to work with our local ecosystem. To do so, this relationship requires respect and congruence at every step.

Thus, all the vineyards of the House have received the VDC certification in 2021 and 9 hectares cultivated are certified organic since 2009.

Each of our processes is studied and constantly questioned to gain more and more consistency. Logically, we have undertaken several actions such as waste recovery to the treatment of effluents, with its own treatment plant, through the reduction of the carbon footprint.

The Brut Réserve Cuvée

It is a blend of the 3 emblematic grape varieties of the Champagne region: 42% Pinot Noir, 31% Chardonnay and 27% Meunier.

This Trilogy Brut Réserve cuvée has a pretty golden straw color. On the nose, the Pinot Noir expresses its maturity with an intense presence of fresh fruit, accompanied by a delicate touch of dried fruit.

And for your palate, discover all the freshness of a basket of fruits raised by notes of toast, as well as pastries for a slender final!

To be enjoyed with all your senses, in our vineyards or on the edge of the forest for example!

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