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Champagne history

19.07.23 Knowledge

Charles VII cuvées: from history to gastronomy

In 1968, Maison Canard-Duchêne celebrated its centenary. To mark the occasion, Victor Canard, 3rd in line, created Charles VII cuvée as a tribute…



The Champagne Love Story Novel


18.11.21 Knowledge

A fabulous history of terroir

Champagne is an alchemy that begins in the heart of the vineyards, on a very particular terroir that cannot be found anywhere else.

pano mythes champagnes

17.11.21 Knowledge

Champagne, the multifaceted myth

A precious wine that seduces from the first sip, the king of festive effervescence and exceptional moments, champagne already had all the right…

13.09.21 Advices

How about a taste of 2012?

En 2012, le film « The Artist » remportait l’Oscar du meilleur film, la reine Elizabeth II fêtait avec faste son jubilé de…

13.09.21 Knowledge

The teams take the floor: wine tourism

Elles travaillent de concert sur la partie œnotourisme et événementiel du Domaine Canard-Duchêne. Florence Giron (Responsable Visite & Réception) et Naïs Guyot (Assistante…

guide for champagne

01.06.21 Knowledge

What is the origin of champagne?

At the origin of champagne, there is a man, a certain Dom Pérignon. This Benedictine monk from Hautvillers Abbey near Epernay is known…

08.02.21 Knowledge

Who created champagne?

The most beautiful illustration of what champagne can be is written by John Green, author of the book “The Fault in Our Stars”. 


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