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How many glasses are there in a bottle of champagne?

The champagne flutes are placed on a low table and the champagne is chilled. Only the guests are missing and should not be long in arriving. But are you sure you have planned for the right amount of champagne?

Will there be 4, 6 or 8 of you, how many good bottles does it take to fill everyone up? On average, a bottle can contain 6 flutes of 12.5 cl. Let us put aside the exceptions such as the tiny champagne flutes that are more for a tasting session or the huge pool glasses served at festive evenings.



Note that this new trend of enjoying wine sometimes includes champagne in wine glasses. A very interesting container, especially for their ability to let the bubbles have room to evolve. These glasses, even if they are obviously not filled to the brim, can hold up to 15 cl. So, how many glasses are in a bottle of champagne? In this particular case, you will only be able to serve 5 guests, take this into consideration.


Not only does the 75 cl bottle exist, but one may also want to offer one of these majestic bottles for special occasions or just for the pleasure of generosity.

The most well-known is the Magnum which allows an optimal development of the aromas and more blossoming wines, it is a bit like the “king” of champagne. It contains 1.5 litres, twice as much as a classic bottle, and can serve 12 glasses, the ideal size to accompany large family gatherings or tables with friends.



And how many glasses are in a bottle of Nebuchadnezzar champagne? A size often quoted with respect. It contains 15 litres (20 bottles), or 120 cups. It is the “guest” at wedding meals, in particular for the creation of the traditional champagne fountain.

The most generous bottle is the Melchizedec or Midas, a sumptuous 30-litre bottle (40 bottles), or 240 glasses of champagne. An exceptional and very rare size that requires several people to lift it as it can weigh over 45 kilos.



There are 14 sizes of champagne bottles, and the name given to them is enough to evoke all their richness:


We’ve seen how many glasses are in a bottle of champagne, now let’s look at the duel between flutes and champagne glasses.

Even if the flute seems to have won the battle, it remains an age-old question that still divides opinions.  The story goes that the cup was moulded on Pompadour’s breast. A sensual anecdote if ever there was one, but a size that does not do justice to the quality of the champagne. Indeed, the surface of contact between the champagne and the air being important, the bubbles escape much too quickly.

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