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Winter is here? Champagne!

Montagnes enneigées

Oh yes! Winter is here, it’s really here. This season is like no other, switching from one temperature to another in a single day. A provider of many sensations, winter sure knows how to give us a great invigorating slap in the morning as well as allowing us to get nice and cosy in the evening, comfortably nestled up in front of a good chimney fire with a glass of champagne in hand.

Night falls quickly in the winter and the days are much shorter. It is so much better, the evenings are all the longer and lazier, especially when they take place with family or friends around a rustic dish that has been simmering on the stove for a long time and whose calories are of little importance to us. The aperitif also takes place a little earlier, giving us a perfect excuse to tuck into the delicious mountain charcuterie with a glass of champagne. Who would blame us?

Dinner becomes significantly more important after a day of skiing in the powdered snow or hiking in the forest. After exerting effort, there is nothing better than comfort. Candles scattered on the coffee tables, warm and soft materials denote the softness within the house, the decoration reflects the atmosphere. The table is set including a range of mismatched crockery. From ostentation, we have moved on to “no way”.

In Denmark it is called “hygge” (pronounced Hugueu), a concept based on comforting the soul through the rediscovery of life’s simple pleasures.
This philosophy, which is synonymous with a good time, is lived more than it is expressed. Perhaps we already practise “Hygge” without knowing it, this slow-motion way of life that suits the winter months so well as they are a time to take a break. Taking time for oneself before the spring bloom, but that’s another story.

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