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Visiting Ludes

Cellars tour

Maison Canard-Duchêne invites you to discover some of the ancient cellars of the Chateau de Ludes. Hand-carved in the 19th century, our cellars cover 6 kilometres and are on 4 levels between 12 and 38 metres deep.
  The optimum dampness and temperature mean our Champagnes achieve a unique style and maturity, the perfect illustration of our Cellar Master’s expertise.
  Completely overhauled in 2013, the new tour boasts a cellar for new barrels as well as a permanent exhibition about the art of making Champagne and the history of Maison Canard-Duchêne.
Weather permitting, the tour will include a visit to the vines and the Estate’s century-old park.


visite des caves

visite des caves


A l'abri de la lumière les bouteilles restent repos pendant une longue période pouvant dépasser trois ans.