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Grandes Cuvées Charles VII | Le signe de la Célébration

At the beginning of the XV th century, France stands torn apart by the Hundred Years war, and approaches its ultimate defeat. The English occupy more than half the country, including Paris, Rouen and Reims, and the King of England is claiming the French crown as his own. But in 1429, a miracle takes place: Joan of Arc, a young peasant girl, leaves her village, leads the French army and changes the course of History. Charles VII, led by Joan of Arc, is crowned King at Reims Cathedral on July 17 th, and anointed by Jean Canard, Abbot of the St-Remi Monastery. He will be remembered as Charles the Victorious, victor of the Hundred Years War. Three centuries later, Reims witnesses the birth of Champagne, wine of Kings and the symbol of celebration, at the very place where a succession of French Kings have been crowned. The Grande Cuvée Charles VII wines epitomise this sentiment and celebrate the finest terroir in Champagne with four exceptional cuvées.